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Leak Detection

Oxnard, CA

Discount Plumbing offers expert leak detection services in Oxnard, CA. For example, how much of the plumbing in your home can you actually see? There are fixtures, like faucets and showerheads, and there are appliances such as dishwashers. The rest of the plumbing system—the piping—is almost entirely disguised from view. You can open up the cabinets under sinks and see the curved drain pipes, and there are also some exposed pipes in places like the basement, but that’s all.

This presents a dilemma when there is a leaking pipe in a house. Although there are warning signs this is happening (we’ll list a few below), pinpointing the leaking pipe is difficult. You must call plumbers who offer professional water leak detection services, like Discount Plumbing, to handle the work. We have Master Plumbers with the finest equipment, and they will find and fix a leak, no matter where it’s hidden.

Signs You May Have a Hidden Leak:

  • High water bills: Always keep a close watch on your water bills from month to month, since a sudden unexplained rise is the fastest way to find out that you’ve got leaking somewhere.
  • Low water pressure: Is the water pressure from one of the faucets lower than normal? It might be a leak.
  • Spots of wall discoloration: Off–color spots on the walls often indicate that water is leaking behind the wall and damaging building material.
  • Bumps in the carpet/uneven floorboards: These are signs of leaks occurring in the floor pipes.
  • Mold and mildew: If you find mold and mildew growing in odd places of your home, it might mean a nearby leak.

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